Witney 1 v Wantage 1 (18 January 2016)

Witney 1
Wantage 1
 Asenov, Pavel (205)
1 - 0
 Piggot, Roly (151)
  Truran, Michael (193)
1 - 0
 Hemmings, Peter (149)
  Martin, Lewis (189)
1 - 0
 Bekris, Nicolas (140)
  Headlong, Timothy (185)
1 - 0
 Morris, Stephen (139)
  Hackett, Dave G (185)
1 - 0
  Spalding, george H (115)
  Holton, Jake (146)
1 - 0
  Booker, Julian (103)
6 - 0
Wantage won the toss and had white on odd-numbered boards.
As you can see our departure from the Frank Wood Shield was very brief/ Since we were outgraded on average by just over 50 it is not too much of a surprise we lost every game.
Finishing fifth I regret to say I saw little of the first four games. In my own game, my opponent always seemed to get his pieces on the best and most aggressive squares. But of course you do not get to be grade 185 for nothing. I did survive to a rook ending , but with one pawn versus three that was too much. So ended my eight game unbeaten run.
Nicolas finishing last was our player who was close to getting something for us. In a slightly passive position he made an enterprising minor piece sacrifice, soon getting queen for rook and another piece. Also his opponent was in time trouble. It was still interesting but unfortunately he lost his queen, which had been marauding behind enemy lines.
Report by George Spalding