Wantage 2 v St Clare's (26 January 2016)

Wantage 2
St Clare's
 Brown, Gordon D (133)
1 - 0
 Sargaskayeva, Akzhan (92)
 Booker, Julian (103)
0.5 - 0.5
 Bayandarov, Dzhangir ( )
 Mahon, Paul (88)
0.5 - 0.5
 Dudaj, Patrik (45)
 Thompson, Steve (85)
0 - 1
 Sandyrkin, Sergey ( )
 Stubberfield, Derek (8)
0 - 1
 Caiozzo, Roberto ( )
 Kachkanov, Slava ( )
0 - 1
 Spence, John ( )
2 - 4
The Division 4 match last night was also lost but it was much more closely contested.
Derek gave his usual all, but was steadily losing material, and was our first to fall.
As soon as this happened, however, we were back on level terms. Gordon proved that his recent win for the first team was no one off, as his attack crashed through. He was the only winner in either of the teams this week.
Steve seemed to be doing OK. He got two rooks for his queen which was OK, but he then blundered a piece.
Slava was involved in a game with fluctuating material balance. Eventually it boiled down to a queen and pawn ending. Sadly for him, his adversary had a far advanced pawn. Tries at a perpetual check eventually failed. I feel sure, however, that he will eventually come good for the team.
That left it 3 - 1 to the visitors, but I still held some hopes for both remaining games. We were materially ahead in both , but critically short of time. Paul was a pawn up in a queen and pawn ending, but lost the extra pawn. However, his opponent probably had resource to a perpetual check anyway. The game was soon agreed drawn. Julian was a knight ahead but it was a tricky ending. Julian's remaining pawns were doubled. Amazingly his opponent refused a draw offer when Julian could demonstrate that all material would disappear in a few moves. This is the first time I have ever seen a game end with only bare kings left
Report by George Spalding