Wantage 2 v Banbury 2 (22 March 2016)

Wantage 2
Banbury 2
 Richards, Simon A (123)
0 - 1
 Gundry, Arran (146)
 Brown, Gordon D (119)
0 - 1
 Waddell, Mal (144)
 Mahon, Paul (83)
0.5 - 0.5
 Crofts, Joshua (145)
 Thompson, Steve (80)
1 - 0
 Vikanis, Egils (128)
 Leake, John (87)
0 - 1
 Csecs, Gilbert (120)
 Kachkanov, Slava ( )
0 - 1
 Rumsby, Stephen (105)
1.5 - 4.5
So the Second Team run in the Frank Wood Shield ended for another season, but certainly not without credit.

The first two games were lost when Slava and John went down basically through material loss.

But then Steven gave us hope with one of the best attacking efforts that I have seen this season.  He tied up his opponent with all sorts of pins and crashed through on the kingside with mate.  I have asked Steven for the moves of this superb performance for us all to share.

A fine effort too from Paul who played carefully though his game into a rook and finally a pawn ending, denying any breakthrough by his opponent.

That left our top boards in action.   I had some hopes of draws though both were under pressure.  However it was not to be,  as both eventually went down.

Congratulations to the Second Team for yet another good run in the Frank Wood Shield where they often do so well.
Report by George Spalding